Migrating Flex 3.x application to Flex 4.5 – Tip No. 4

July 11, 2011

The next tip refers to fonts embedded either with CSS or style tag.

The format we know and used in Flex 3.x was:

    @font-face {
        font-family: myFont;
        advancedAntiAliasing: true;

That worked with Flex 3.5, but with Flex 4.x there are a few problems with this format.

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Migrating Flex 3.x application to Flex 4.5 – Tip No. 3

July 7, 2011

In previous posts in this series here and here, I talked about making the project compile and run before the migration process actually begins.

The next few posts will be dedicated to common errors that arise from moving to Flex 4.5 SDK and Spark Theme.
First, let me explain why those errors arise. When changing the compiler SDK to Flex 4.5 some errors arise and are easily fixed.

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Spark DataGrid component with Drag & Drop

April 16, 2011

Many of you might know this, but SDK 4.5 also includes the long awaited Spark DataGrid component. These are great news.

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Flex 3 SDK Vs. Flex 4 SDK – Part 2 – Introducing Components

May 10, 2010

While the Flex 4 SDK includes the MX component architecture provided with previous releases of the Flex SDK (mainly for backwards compatibility), it introduces a new set of components that utilize the new SDK features, named Spark.

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Flex 3 SDK Vs. Flex 4 SDK

April 20, 2010

Now that Flex SDK 4 was released, I thought I’d do a series of posts on the differences between Flex 3 and Flex 4 SDKs that will hopefully help migrate your Flex 3 app to Flex 4 or make the transition from SDK 3 to SDK 4 easier. I will be assuming you already know Flex 3 and will concentrate on the new in Flex 4 compared to Flex 3.

This post will serve as the index of the series, and I will be adding links to the different posts to this one as they become available, so come back from time to time to get updated.
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New in Flex 4 – Part 1 – States

November 12, 2009

Now that Flex 4 beta 2 is stable enough, I decided to start a series of posts describing the changes that were applied to Flex 4.

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