GWT ramblings of a Flex developer – CSS and Images

February 15, 2012


Last time, we talked about I18N and as promised, this time we’ll discuss CSS handling.

Since you can’t really talk about CSS without talking about images, we’ll also mention them as well.

Well, as seasoned Flex devs, you know that using CSS in Flex is a brease.
You just slap the style tag in your application mxml and you’re done.

In GWT, things are not that easy.

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GWT ramblings of a Flex developer – localization / I18N

January 30, 2012

Hello again,

This time I want to talk about localization (a.k.a. i18n).

As Flex developers, as I assume you already know, all you have to do is create a *.properties file (say and in it define keys with localized values, like:


Then, in the main application mxml, you would define the resource bundles:


And basically you’re done. All you need to do to use it, is use the ResourceManager class to access the localized value of the key.

Simple stuff, right?

Not so with GWT…
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GWT ramblings of a Flex developer – live search component

January 15, 2012

Recently, I had to create a custom component that does live filtering on data presented in a grid.

If you are reading this series, you probably know how this can be done in Flex. If you don’t, a quick google search will probably point you in the right direction. Enough to say that in envolves a custom component to get the search criteria and a filter function on the grid’s dataProvider ArrayCollection.

I was surprised this is relatively straight forward in GWT (using uiBinder and GXT 3.0)

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