Is Flex dead to be replaced by HTML5?

September 3, 2011

Over the past few months, I have heard that question many times.

Many think HTML5/JavaScript is going to replace it, and with Adobe releasing Edge it seemed to be a valid point.
Deepa Subramaniam, Senior PM for the Flex team, alleviates those concerns with her post (rather a post on the Flex team blog).

It is a must read.


Securing your Flex application

March 25, 2010

Interesting read here about how to secure your Flex 4 application, provided you use a Spring enabled Java server.

Adobe Flex 4 SDK out of beta!!

March 22, 2010

Today, Adobe released the official version of the Flex 4 SDK as well as the new Flex IDE/eclipse plugin named Flash Builder 4.

As with Flex Builder 3, there are two versions of Flash Builder 4: Standard & Professional. The main difference is Profiling and network monitoring features.

Purchase/upgrade costs are described here.

You can download the free Flex 4 SDK here.

You can download a free trial of Flash Builder 4 here.

*** BONUS ***

If you are a student or faculty member with a valid id as proof, you can get the Flash Builder 4 Standard for free here (for non-commencial use).

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