GWT ramblings of a Flex developer – Intro

I am a Flex developer. Have been for the better part of the last 4 years.
Originally I was a Java server side developer.

4 years ago, Flex was rapidly becomming the next big thing in enterprise application development. I got interested and jumped in. Never looked back since, I love it!

First, the transition from server-side to client-side was very good for me. It let me be creative visually, which I found I really love.

Second, on a technical perspective, Flex’s OOD and architecture appealed to me very much. I really enjoyed (and still do) coding in Flex.

With the recent announcements by Adobe about the future of Flex, I feel this point in time is once again a decision point for me.

Everybody talkes about the HTML5/Javascript combo, with all the other buzzwords (jQuery, Coffeescript, etc).
That did not appeal to me.
I can’t imagine myself writing Javascript and HTML tags. It might be fine and dandy, just not for me.

What I want is to stay in the RIA realm, but still code with OO principals, architecture, design patterns, etc.
Well, that meant GWT.

This will be a series of posts I will make every few days, with my personal thoughts about the transition from Flex to GWT.

What I like and don’t like, what I miss or wish I could still easily do.

Gonna be an interesting ride, why don’t you join me? 🙂


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