Flash / Flex Israel Adobe group meeting

On April 25th 2010, I attended the Israel Flash & Flex Adobe group event.
Great fun, lectures and networking all bundled in one day, with pizzas for lunch, what could go wrong? ๐Ÿ™‚

We started off with Mihai Corlan, Platform Evangelist with Adobe Systems, who gave a very interesting talk on the new debug features in Flash Builder 4. Very interesting and informative, you can check out his talk slides here.

Then Hillel Coren gave his talk about trenches of Flex/AS coding, common pitfalls and some best practices, rules of thumbs and frameworks to checkout and read about. You can read his slides and source code here.

After lunch came the joint-talk given by Almog Koren and Peter Elst about AIR development. Almog talked about the marketing perspective, and how to ‘sell’ AIR to your customers, while Peter gave a lot of common day-to-day examples and how they are implemented in AIR. This talk really got me interested about AIR…
First part slides by Almog can be read here, and Peter’s slides and source code are here and here.

It was a great event with great turnout, interesting people and speakers and great networking.
Now, all that’s left is organizing a 360|Flex Israel event ๐Ÿ˜€

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