ELIPS Studio 3 new beta version released

A new version of ELIPS studio 3 was released (Beta 3), you can download it here.

The major additions are:

  • Support Android 1.6 and 2.0: ELIPS Studio can now generate your application as a native Android application package (.apk). More information about the setup is provided in the website, tutorials section.
  • Native code mapping – technology preview: it is now possible, as a technology preview, to extend the APIs of ELIPS Studio3 runtime with new native services. This feature is provided for iPhone in this preview, and will be extended to other platforms on subsequent releases. Documentation, tutorials and sample code will be available soon on the website.
  • Other enhancements, such as important performance improvements, multiline text entry (mob:TextArea), support of flash.net.Socket, and many bug fixes.

You can read the release notes here for full details.


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