Dice roller

Always loved playing Role Playing games (D&D 3.5 in particular).
Unfortunately, since my family expanded I have little time to spare…

My old party members still play, however, and to humor them and to fill up a few hours of free time – I decided to create a Dice Roller in their behalf.
It is implemented in Flex, naturally, and is actually a calculator based dice roller.
What this means is, that it uses a ‘language’ that comes very naturally to role playing gamers, as well as follow the rules of calculus and arithmetic order of operations using parenthesis etc..

When you want to roll a 20 sides die 5 times, for example, you’d type in 5d20 and click roll.
It’s really quite simple when you get the hang of it. The dice roller also support modifiers, like 5d6 + 20 or 7d4 – 5, as well as odd-numbered sides die (not very close to reality, I know – but you can still throw a 3 sided dice! :))
There is also a ‘favorite rolls’ section where you can configure the rolls you make most of the time, so instead of typing in [(10d6 + 10) * 1.5] for a 10th level fireball with extra damage, just configure that as a favorite roll, and then all you have to do is click!

You are more than welcomed to use it and let me know what you think.
It makes use of a theme from ScaleNine called Brownie (there are quite a few there – you should check it out!)


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